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Appliance Repairs Islington

Other Appliances

Whilst we excel at repairing washing machines, we can also assist with other Appliance Repairs such as dishwashers, cookers, fridges, and microwaves. We understand how quickly you will need your appliance reinstated and will get it back from Appliance Repairs to you as quickly as we possibly can.

Cooker & Oven Repairs

If your cooker or oven fails it can spell disaster at meal times - especially in the large family home. Don't let your family go hungry when we can repair your cooker on the same day. Give us a call today and let us know the nature of the problem and we will get to you as soon as possible.

Microwave Repairs

We use our microwaves on a daily basis and they can suffer from failures the same as other household appliances. Microwave repairs should only ever be handled by a professional so give Washing Machine Repairs Islington a call for urgent assistance.

Dishwasher Repairs

If your dishwasher fails you may find it easier to go and buy a replacement. Don't! We have fixed many dishwashers and saved our customers both time and money when compared to buying a new appliance. Call Washing Machine Repairs Islington today for fast and efficient service.

Fridge Freezer Repairs

If you are having problems with your fridge freezer, give Washing Machine Repairs Islington a call today. When a fridge freezer fails it can mean more expense than the repairs as your food is also at risk of spoiling. We will do our utmost to get to you before this happens so give us a call today for fast, professional and cost effective repairs.

Tumble Dryer Repairs

If you are having problems with your tumble dryer give Washing Machine Repairs Islington a call for fast and friendly advice and assistance. A faulty tumble dryer can actually cause damage to your clothes so the quicker you get it repaired the better. We can come out whenever you need us so give us a call today to arrange a convenient appointment.

Appliance Repairs Islington

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